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Triple B_ Day 4

On day 4, 39 (14 Stallions, 17 Mares, and 8 Foals) wild horses were captured at Triple B. The first run of the day came in at about 6:30 a.m., about an hour after sunrise. The youngest colt lagged behind a bit and was the last to enter the trap. (Note: The helicopter and ambient sound may appear to fade in and out; that is because in many clips we are dropping sound down to try to keep the human chatter out. Wild horse roundups are public events. When wild horses are in the area, people are taking video of the event. Please, be respectful and try to keep your conversation away from observers that are there to document the operation. Observers are documenting the roundup and handling of wild horses. This is particularly requested of BLM public affairs people that claim it is illegal, it’s not, to have their voices on a recording as horses are being driven, in a trap, being loaded, etc.)

The next run came from the other side of the valley from the tree line at about 7 a.m. Both the first and second run loaded into stock trailers at 7:10.

The next run was a bit chaotic with a black breaking and running up behind observers.

The small family looked like a family that was run, but not captured yesterday.

These wild horses are in beautiful body condition…. and it is still foaling season in Triple B.

There were 8 runs beginning at 6:30 a.m. and the last run that captured wild horses at 12:30. An additional run of 3 of the horses that broke from the last grouping occurred at 12:45 and was not successful. The 3 horses went back to the tree line and joined the horse that broke from the group earlier.

We are still reviewing footage and loading. We will add more as time allows. Our team is back onsite today. 

Many of you have asked about temporary holding. We have added a short video from the temporary corrals below. 

The total captured by day 4: 82 (30 Stallions, 37 Mares, and 15 Foals) in 2 days of active trapping.

BLM appears to be taking the beginning of Triple B a bit slower than other recent operations. Cooler temperatures and thunderstorms are expected tomorrow with a high of 89 degrees. The rest of the week is expected to be clear and in the mid-90s.

Trap moves to a new location in the morning. 

You can see our ongoing daily update page HERE from the operation. 

Coming Soon: “What CAWP is and is not,” an interview session. 

CAWP is the BLM welfare policy formalized in 2015. 

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