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Conference, Protests and Motorized Vehicle Hearing

The BLM will hold a national hearing regarding the use of motorized vehicles on April 26 in the wild horse and burro program. (click HERE for more info)

April has historically been the season of protests and rallies for many causes. In the world of “wild horses and burros” the spring has also brought a time of public outreach during the pre-covid era. This April, as many communities relax restrictions, the return to grassroots gatherings and public meetings is returning.

Motorized Vehicle Hearing

Although the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has not returned to the bi-annual schedule for the Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board (since it was suspended in 2016 and then begun again late fall of 2017 with a single meeting each year without a strict calendar), they will be running a national hearing on the use of motorized vehicles in the program. These hearings are required on an annual basis for each state where BLM will use motorized vehicles, it appears the agency will, for the first time, run a national hearing on  April 26, 2022 from 3 to 5 p.m. MT. 

More info on how to sign up and participate HERE. 

Prior to the hearing WHE will provide you with more information. We will post the additional resources for you to utilize soon.

If you want to participate in person in protests, conferences and lobby days, April will bring opportunities for you.

The following is provided for informational purposes:

On April 23 there are several citizen protests scheduled around the country. You can check HERE to see if there is one in your state and where people are meeting. These rallies are not affiliated with national organizations and compile a number of citizen groups.

From April 26-30 a variety of events are planned in DC that include speakers, a lobby day, an art show and an assembly on the national mall. You can click HERE to find more information if you would like to participate.

We know many of you are still practicing precautions due to concerns about health and safety. We do not encourage you to participate in any in-person event if you have concerns, underlying health conditions, etc.

You can participate in advocacy and engaging your Congressional personnel remotely. Wild Horse Education will have a team giving public comment at the Motorized Vehicle hearing and you can make appointments with your Congressional reps and participate remotely. (You can find your reps by visiting the House of Representatives site HERE and your Senate representative HERE).

We will provide you with additional resources for remote participation soon. Our teams are busy addressing multiple plans where BLM is rapidly giving away the resources inside HMAs to mining and livestock, active legal actions and more. We will complete the remote participation package soon.

Help keep us in the fight.   

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