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What is coming in 2022? (Event)

What is coming in 2022? Join Katie Fite of WildLands Defense and Laura Leigh of Wild horse Education as they talk about some of the issues we will face in advocacy for public lands resources in 2022.

This event is an end-of-year joint fundraiser. All proceeds will be shared equally between the organizations made through ticket sales ($15. each) or through additional contributions on the event page through Pledge.

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We hope to do a question-and-answer session and have limited audience size to facilitate the interaction. Tickets are limited.

Katie Fite, WildLands Defense

Throughout the year WHE and WLD often collaborate and share critical boots-on-the-ground information and jointly participate in advocacy processes.

2022 is set to be a year many will find frustrating and confusing due to many of the large-scale land use planning processes and the deluge of bureaucratic language that will be used.

Katie and Laura will both speak plainly (and frankly) to help you navigate your own advocacy. This event may contain language not suited for younger audiences.

Laura Leigh, WHE

The event will be recorded and shared directly through the Zoom Events platform for your personal use.

Are you ready for 2022?


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We are working on the year in review. In 2021, our teams took legal action against livestock, mining and are fighting archaic practices in planning that shortchange the wild horse again and again. In 2021, our field teams hit roundups (often being the only ones on-site for weeks) and documented drought issues the agency is blaming on the horses and making deals with livestock and mining.

You can help us continue our innovative work and help keep our teams running for the wild. Donate today and have your contribution matched!

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