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50th Anniversary Event

December 15th is the traditional day we celebrate the passage of Public Law 92-195; the day it was published in the federal register as a law.

The date the bill became law and the date signed differ. Even the Anniversary of the law to protect wild horses and burros carries a bit of controversy.

The law was signed in an open public ceremony on December 17, 1971, by (former) President Nixon. In his statement on signing the bill Nixon began: ” ‘WE NEED the tonic of wildness.’ During the past several months, many thousands of Americans, particularly children, have concurred in Thoreau’s plea with an outpouring of concern for the preservation of wild horses and burros on our Western ranges…” ( “Tonic of wildness,” chapter 17, Henry David Thoreau: Walden or, Life in the Woods )

On December 15th WHE will host an evening where advocates get together and talk history, the law and a bit about what lies ahead.

The free Zoom event will begin at 5 pm pacific (8 pm eastern) on Wednesday, Dec 15th. The event is free. But registration is required due to limited slots for participation. You can make a donation on the registration page, but it is not required to participate.


Bring a mug of your favorite hot beverage, perhaps a slice of birthday cake, and join us as we honor the past and renew our commitment to carry on. 

At the end of the event we will light a candle and go “live” on social media for a moment of silence at around 6 pm. pacific.

You can join us for the presentation through the Zoom event at 5 pacific time and stay with us as we go live on Facebook. Or you can just join us around 6 pm pacific (9 pm eastern) on Facebook for the candle lighting and moment of silence

Our teams are busy in field/table/legal action as we prep for another year of politics and drought that is set to hit wild horse country hard in 2022.

You can help us continue our innovative work and help keep our teams running for the wild. 

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