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WHE Next Gen Short Film (interview)

At Wild Horse Education (WHE) our work is built on the base created by our founder, Laura Leigh. Leigh spent 7 years on the road and created the largest base of roundup documentation in those years than any source (she started before BLM ever did the “daily reports” online). Her litigation opened the door to roundups. Then other cases filed with the documentation drove the creation of the first humane handling policy for wild horses.

Today, our org has expanded the fight into range management, planning and exposing wrong doing in the sales program that lands wild horses in the killpen.

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The heart and soul of our work still lies in the fight against abuse. Our roundup team is expanding and some of our observers go on to join the work of our “CAWP team.”

Last year “WHE Next Generation” began with 3 members that have been trained in darting techniques, introduced to the layers of law and “the roundup.” (You can read about their trip last year here)

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They just left the Surprise Complex roundup operation. All three of them have a special connection to a formerly wild horse named Amado. Amado is from High rock, captured in 2011. We felt a visit to a roundup in this area would be a good one for the “next gen” team. Stace and Kendall focused on capturing stills and Summer tried her hand at videography this time.

Before they left, we did a fast chat session. We edited this short piece today as the Surprise roundup continues…

As the Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act turns 50 years old, it is a good time to remember that “this moment in time” was preceded by a rich history and a hard fight. What we create in the “fight today” is what we pass to the next generation.

Our wild horses and burros need all of our voices today.They will need the next generation, too.

The ongoing Surprise roundup has hit the halfway mark.

Our team members are on-site. 


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