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Jackson Day 4 (24 Captured, 3 died)

Our team out at the Jackson Mountain roundup has been dealing with extra long days at traps with little visibility. We have also had some technical difficulties. We will add day 4 to the ongoing reports as internet allows.  (You can see ongoing Jackson reports HERE)

Today the team on-site hiked in and has zero visibility once one of the trap once to the “observation location.” More on that later.

Wild horse looking through netting as youngsters in a pen look back

Yesterday, our team opted to stay at holding. We expected high winds and a short day. Wind gusts hit just over 30 mph.

Video of morning loading. We do not know if the mare and foal separated out are two of the three euthanized. We will update as we have more info.

Jackson, Day 4

24 (9 Stallions, 10 Mares, and 5 Foals) wild horses captured today.

3 wild horses died:

  • 5-year-old Bay mare BLM said had a hernia.
  • 2-year-old Bay mare BLM said had hernia.
  • Foal Bay filly BLM stated “chronic injury (orphaned/abandoned) with poor prognosis for recovery.”

More on the agencies “Guidance for Euthanasia” HERE

The total now captured stands at 98 with 4 deaths.

During sorting gates are closed and opened in the alley. Horses will often back up and the horse behind has nowhere to go but up.

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This roundup is another emergency operation like so many others added to the schedule. The south of Jackson can fall into emergency conditions rapidly due to a century of battering by domestic livestock.

The vast majority of the wild horses we have seen are not in the “dire” shape described by BLM. We have seen a handful in really rough shape, the majority are not “walking skeletons.” The BLM specialist stated “These horses are in such bad shape their minds are gone.”

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For those of you that have never seen the set up of temporary sorting corrals, this gives you a good vantage. A trailer came in and the horses are loaded into the right side of the alley. Then they are run through the chute (white) to determine sex, if a mare is “wet” (has a foal) or dry, etc. and then the gates are opened and the horse moved into the pen with others that are of the same category.

Note from Jackson roundup update “home” page.

The south of Jackson Mountain HMA (and the entire HMA) are true examples of the lack of actual management planning and the serious flaws in the way the agency prioritizes funding.

Emergency roundups are the “go to” plan at Jackson Mountain. You can comment on the new roundup plan HERE and help break the cycle. 

During the “emergency” roundup of wild horses last year at Jackson Mountain the BLM took the horses to the off-limits-to-public-view facility in Fallon, NV.

In 2021, captive Jackson Mountain wild horses will go to Palomino Valley Center (PVC) north of Reno to be branded, vaccinated and sorted for adoption events, sale authority and transfer to other facilities. WHE will be keeping an eye on these wild ones as they recover and feature several of them if you are looking to adopt a true survivor, an amazing American Mustang.

Keeping an eye on the Jackson wild ones is really important to those of us at WHE. The wild horses at Jackson were also the victims of an extreme case of salmonella after a capture in 2007 and at least 159 died in the holding facility. (More on salmonella from the Horse: “Horses do not exhibit true carrier status, which occurs in cattle and some other animals, says Peek. He notes that certain types of Salmonella that affect species like cattle can cause an animal to be infected for life. “This does not happen in horses with the Salmonella types encountered in the U.S.,” says Peek.”)

Are the wild horses more susceptible to widespread and extreme cases of salmonella due to the constant overgrazing of the range by the domestic cows in that corner of Jackson? It is a debate worth having in the new EA out for comment.

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