Antelope (“the foal” video and more barbed wire)

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This week we told our readers about the run where the mare is (apparently) knocked over as helicopter flies way too close. In that same run we told you about her baby that got run over.

We have gotten an avalanche of messages for more info on the baby. We edited this video quickly in response to the massive number of requests wanting to see that baby.

Please note: as BLM public affairs (many that have held those jobs less than 5 years) regurgitate how BLM “cares” because they created “CAWP.,” we want to remind you that it took years and years of litigation (BLM losing in court) before they created a policy and included it in paperwork. Since that day, in 2015, the agency has not reviewed or revised that policy and often ignores it in practice. The Act to manage humanely was passed in 1971. Only after years of litigation did the agency even craft a humane policy (over 40 years later). 50 years later they will still adamantly defend abuse/neglect/accidents instead of trying to fix it. Does that sound like they “care?” 

The stallion, in the chaos, runs over the baby. The pilot continues to un the adults back and forth though the area.The baby is seen flailing around a bit and then it rises, shaky. As the chopper captures the colts mom, the baby disappears alone behind the rocks. Later, after another run with the chopper, a roping crew goes out and chases a baby for miles (we will upload that series late as well).  We can not tell you if it is that same baby with absolute certainty.

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Images above show the baby with their band as the chopper chased them back and forth across the valley prior to the “trample.” After the baby was trampled the chopper appears to knock over mom in a fast paced, and way to close, pursuit. More video to come. (Onsite, BLM adamantly denied a foal went down and insist the baby we reference was “a two year old.” We think they are confused with a different collision that took place that same day in the chaos.)

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On day 10 BLM captured 222 wild horses (89 Studs, 99 Mares, and 34 Foals). Observation was in the middle of a valley filled with dark cowpies.

On Day 11, the very next day, we watched as wild horses were run all day again down the barbed wire fence/jute and more wild horse collide.

On day 11, 52 more wild horses were captured bringing the total to 866 captive, 4 dead.

PLEASE NOTE: We are uploading/downloading, marking/archiving/loading video and images to the website. We are trying to create versions to upload so you can see, at the same time as we do the dry timecode version for archive that is used in litigation (where we won every case against abuse).

We are also working very hard to address issues of abuse and deal with matters associated with legal actions that address grazing and HMA management.

BLM, with their taxpayer funded salaries and departments filled with staff, are busy criticizing us because we cannot move as fast as they can. Does that sound like they care, or that they just want to discredit us by using a belittling tactic (also an abusive behavior)?

We are working to keep you informed as fast as we can. Please be patient we do not have a big paid staff and “departments.” WHE are a small nonprofit devoted to one subject: wild horses and burros on public lands.

We will load daily updates HERE. 

You can add your name to this fast letter if you agree:

The undersigned demand that BLM immediately cease all roundup operations due to the inadequacy of training, enforcement and review of the current version of the Comprehensive Animal Welfare Policy (CAWP). The agency must immediately create a review board that includes members of the public experienced in capture operations, policy and law.

Stop operations now.

Learn More:

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