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 Some of the film makers that have spent time with us over the last 4 years are sharing clips with us.  Many of the people we have had out are working on large projects that are in various stages of development. 

One of the film makers recently shared this with us and thought we would share it with you. This clip was shot in 2018.

The video above, recently shared with us, basically boils the core issues of the wild horse and burro program  down into very basic terms. However, the example is the specific HMA we are standing at the end, in a specific area of Pancake

The video above is a small piece of the site-by-site tours we have taken many documentarians on over the last 4 years. When we talk about a lack of equity in management planning we are not just talking about a theory involving BLM paperwork, we can show you what it looks like on the range, site-by-site.

When we talk about management planning it begins by talking about the way things like forage and water allocated, how fencelines and roads impede the distributions of populations throughout their legal territory, genetic baselines. Fair management does not revolve around a helicopter and a fertility control treatment. Any population suppression tool (which one, how often) comes after you determine what management looks like.

Unfair management is often perpetuated as the agency looks for any easy option to satisfy a special interest group. Beginning a conversation about management must begin by talking about the historic flaws and lack of planning. Only when you begin to create an actual plan that addresses every element though site-by-site planning, can you determine what type of population control is even appropriate.

A roundup often draws members of the media in. The “one visit to an area” stories, that you usually see, do not do real service to the subject at hand.

The area documented in 2018 in the video above is in a downward spiral as the cows still run in trespass, the sheep keep going out and the mines have been approved (and another mine on tap). BLM has crafted a plan for the wild horses in this area that will devastate the herd to satisfy all of the the profit driven uses that are rapidly changing the health of that range.

As we prepare a legal fight to defend this herd, a film crew will be traveling back to that area with us. Being able to show the damage done over time, by “kick the can down the road” management, will be a very useful tool in the days ahead.

As we face this unprecedented week in US history, take a moment to enjoy wild horses, captive and free. As the dust settles, public engagement will be critical. 

Many of you are writing to us with concern over the current political upheaval, as well as the normal uncertainty of a transition to a new administration.

While there has been no confirmation of cabinet members, your desire to address urgent concerns (spaying, subsidized slaughter through the Adoption Incentive Program, a lack of actual management planning for wild horses, etc.) is actually colliding with a void. We did an article to explain the “action item” and a bit about the “how and who” we need to address to obtain specific changes HERE.

Our teams are working to address the many challenges faced by our wild horses and burros. We are working on the legal actions we have in play, addressing the incoming administration and crafting the specific documents needed for each  Your piece of the puzzle will become vital as the month draws to a close.

Remember to take a moment to breathe. 

Stay safe. Stay strong. You are not alone.

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