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Gratitude Week: The Path Of Hoofbeats

A “thank you” to American wild horses.

The Path Of Hoofbeats

“You occasionally see one, and it’s the thrill of a lifetime. But mostly all you ever see is a cloud of dust after they are gone. It’s their stubborn ability to survive that makes them so remarkable.”-Velma “Wild Horse Annie” Johnston

Our wild horses; enduring symbol of American freedom, perseverance, and majesty. Embedded into the esoteric fabric of the west, for there could not have been a west without them.

In this season of gratitude, WHE takes a moment to extend a similar gesture to our nation’s wild horses. Not as an organization, but as humans; for one does not have to be embroiled in the bitter fight to protect these beautiful creatures to understand, to know, that in our wild horses do we find reflections of ourselves.

Our wild horses have withstood hardship after hardship, and yet they continue on. They may be in danger, our nation may have once more turned it’s lust for avarice into apathy for our wild horses, but they will be stronger. As an organization, as people, we at WHE have made great strides towards ensuring a future for our wild horses, because these animals deserve our nation’s respect and, most of all, love.

We protect you because you are vital. You remain a powerful painting on the canvas of the west, roaming as our hearts roam with you.

This season WHE is thankful for you, our wild horses. We are thankful for the iconography of freedom you impart into us all, we are thankful for the beating heart of the west that you embody, and we are thankful for all that you are.

We give thanks and extend our deepest gratitude to all of our readers and members that work each and every day to save this treasure from harm.



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