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Confusion HMA (sterilization on the table)

The BLM released a decision today (Oct 5) for the Confusion Mountain HMA. The decision is associated with an EA that went out for public comment in June. There are 30 days to file a legal appeal of the decision.

The plan includes surgical sterilization of wild horses. Many in the public think there was a court ruling against surgical sterilization, there was not. There was a First Amendment case (based in part on our precedent setting case in 2012) that was filed, but the plan was scraped before it was adjudicated.

In the case of the Confusion Mountain EA there are multiple issues with the decision. BLM has  EA online.The BLM plans to begin the outlined action in November 2020 beginning with approximately 20 mares to be spayed; an extremely dangerous procedure rejected by the National Academy of Sciences, many members of Congress and the majority of the American public finds it abhorrent.

There are 30 days to file an Appeal once the final decision is approved.

WHE will be filing a legal Appeal.

Help us stay in the fight. 

footnote: Did you know that as a member of the public you can also file an appeal to any BLM decision? If you commented on a proposed action (an EA, EIS, etc.), and can demonstrate an ongoing connection to the area making you an affected interest, you can file without an attorney in the Interior Board of Land Appeals (IBLA). More info here.

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