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Shawave, a day in pictures (August 18)

IMG_8863On 8/18 aprox. about 30 were captured (our team is just reporting in and that number is an estimate). 

UPDATE: BLM reports: 30 (9 Studs, 19 Mares, and  2 Foals) 

Official count (for total to date):

Wild horses and burros captured: 1,371

1,151 Horses (426 Studs, 506 Mares, and 219 Foals)

220 Burros (90 Jacks, 99 Jennies, and 31 Foals)

9 deaths

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The first drive of the day (above) began at temperatures in the mid 70’s. By the time wild horses were captured the temperature had risen 10 degrees,

No dust control was done at this trap. When a trap is dry and dusty “dust control” must be performed by watering the drive area and trap. This is a violation of the Comprehensive Animal Welfare Policy (CAWP).

We notified BLM personnel onsite. This trap was broken down and a new one will be set for tomorrow.

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In August of last year WHE, after reviewing our data sets, we requested further training to anyone serving in COR positions at roundups.  It was painfully clear that parameters of the policy are not known, or simply not abided by. The state of NV is particularly notorious for demonstrated basic deficits in knowledge of CAWP. The NV state lead simply stated they did not need training.

We will be taking this matter into other channels.

The deficits, or intentional omissions, are real and painfully obvious. 

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The last run of the day temperatures ranged from 99-103 at the observation location (on a calibrated hand held weather meter).

Our team is onsite and addressing these deficits in multiple venues.

The days are very long and busy. We do not have the luxury of paid staff to update social media or the website. Our teams will inform you of our ongoing battles in the humane handing arena in a highlight piece coming very soon (as soon as time allows).

There is a lot going on right now. It is “all hands on deck” time. 

Our water watch teams are out. The see the consequence, the agonizing slow abuse, of range mismanagement. (you can read more here)

Can you help us fight the battle in the Senate?

So much is riding on that debate. If you want to see us get to the mandate to manage humanely? we need to get Congress to step up. That mandate is not just about capture or fertility control, it is about actual management. 

We need management. Not an acceleration of of the status quo and repeating the cycles again and again as the program collapses. 

Please take this 4-step action today! 


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