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Roundups: Over 5000 will lose freedom in the summer schedule!

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) roundup schedule runs on a fiscal year of October through the end of February. BLM has completed the fall/winter portion of the fiscal year 2020 roundup schedule and the next round is forming. Helicopters can fly from July 1 until the last day of February, bait trapping can occur all year.

The BLM has posted the updated roundup schedule. BLM Tentantive FY20 Wild Horse and Burro Gather Schedule

Over 5000 will lose freedom and family in the next round. We need your help to fight back. 


The last helicopter roundup of the winter schedule was at Eagle. BLM captured 1704 wild horses and 24 died. BLM has not, as of this writing, answered a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request outlining expenses at that operation. A roundup of that magnitude can easily cost over $2 million dollars. It should be noted that on the “update” schedule BLM notes that 1716 were captured in the 3 HMAs in the Eagle complex ,when during operations they only reported 1704.

BLM is currently pushing for a release of $21 million remaining in the 2020 budget from Congress. That money will be used to fund, and add to, roundups on the schedule. Over 5000 have been added. We need your help to cut that funding and stop more from hitting the schedule!

We urge you to take action against the release of that funding HERE.


Jackson Mountain 2012, newborns run in June during “drought emergency.” Foal was run over 45 minutes as it outpaced the saddle horses and tried to run back home, alone.

The summer/fall schedule adds multiple areas to the removal schedule. The largest being the Shawave Mountains (in Pershing county, NV) where BLM proposes to remove 1800 wild horses and burros.  In the Diamonds (NV) BLM will remove 1175. Jackson Mountain makes the schedule with 300 planned for removal. BLM will also hit Sulpher, Swasey, Confusion and Range Creek again in Utah, as well as Piceance-East Douglas in Colorado.

This is the schedule BLM can create with the budget they expect to have access to at this time. If the additional funding is released? expect the schedule to increase by the thousands.

Water haul for livestock in the Diamond Complex prior to grazing restrictions being implemented

Water haul for livestock further deteriorates a stressed range. WHE archive photo from the Diamond Complex.

Our teams work to gather info and fight unjustified removals at the table and in the courts. We have worked for a decade to get BLM to implement strategies for preservation of our herds and the land they stand, including the use of data/temporary fertility control. When the chopper flies? our onsite teams are focused on one thing only, stopping abuse. We are the only organization to take BLM to court over abuse; we did it again and again, and will do it, again.


Utah Sulpher stallion in BLM holding after capture

Today we are still fighting the release of additional funding. If that funding is released BLM will add thousands of wild horses and burros to the summer schedule (like Twin Peaks where BLM plans a massive gelding component). If BLM does not get the funding? the numbers published in the tentative schedule will drop.

Please take action! This is where numbers count. Wild horses need as many of you to speak out as possible, now. We have less than 50 days to turn this tide. Click here to read about the action item and send a letter directly to your representatives. 

Our CAWP teams are outfitted and ready to go.

Our litigation against abuse was a game changer. Not only did we push policy change to begin to stop abuse, we changed the way we can litigate everything. WHE fought both cases against abuse, and the continual secretive capture methods, hand in hand. Prior to our wins on First Amendment and against abuse the end of a roundup caused the end of a legal action, even if the issue went unresolved. At the end of a roundup a grievance was considered “moot by the courts and dismissed. Our litigation demonstrated the issues went beyond a single operation and repeated again and again undoing the “mootness doctrine” strategy of the BLM in court. Not only do issues surrounding methods of capture continue, but the underlying issues of a lack of management and prioritizing private interests.

This work is important. It’s not just showing the public what happens again and again, it is the fight to stop it from happening. We need your help to be ready.

The current health crisis has small organizations like WHE struggling. Because of the current situation we need to begin our effort to fund the run early. You can help us rise up to continue the defense of our wild ones. 


Help us stay in the fight today. 

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