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BREAKING: BLM Report Is Out and it is a National Embarrassment

MM_Day5 - 1 (15)BREAKING: BLM Releases Overdue Report to Congress on Wild Horse Program; 33 pages of Rhetoric

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) released a report on May 8 to Congress on the Wild Horse and Burro Program. The report was almost a year late, the original due date was August of 2019. In Appropriations for the fiscal year 2020 BLM was awarded an additional $21 million contingent on the release of the overdue report. Congress added a 60 day scrutiny period prior to the release of funding.

BLM has just released a 33-page report that echoes the 25-page report rejected by Congress during the 2019 Appropriations debate. (link to 2018 report https://wildhorseeducation.files.wordpress.com/2018/04/blm2018_report2congress.pdf  and a link to the 2020 report https://wildhorseeducation.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/Report.pdf ) For perspective: an Environmental Assessment (EA) for a single roundup is usually longer than the BLM report on the entire program. This s not a programmatic report that provides a basis for a “plan.” This is just a “he said” so we are going to fulfill a shopping list provided by the “Slaughter Summit.” 

“This new report is the same as the old report; a shopping list to accelerate the status quo with no science or data behind it,. Remove wild horses for ease of profit driven interests.” Laura Leigh, President of Wild Horse Education stated.

“The fact that this report is over a year late, is only 33 pages, speaks volumes. This is a last ditch effort to push the agenda of Acting Director William Perry Pendley’s former clients over the finish line. This document needs serious scrutiny. Even the photos utilized fail to identify location and circumstance. This report? it represents the fraud that the wild horse program has become clear and simple; politics and the shopping list of industry.

“Put the rejected 2018 report side by side with the 2020 report? It’s a joke and it’s not funny.

“BLM used up the roundup budget on the Eagle roundup that it announced 3 days before it began. That roundup removed more than 1700 wild horses in a relentless winter roundup where BLM did it’s very best to hide capture methods.

“Helicopter roundups are extremely expensive. The helicopter season begins 54 days from the date on this so-called report. BLM just regurgitated the old report, and added a more detailed decimation plan, to beat the deadline to pay contractors for the next round of removals.

“Many are going to try to spin this as a debate on fertility control, it’s not. Temporary fertility control is a nice tool when it is justified. This report is supposed to be a report to justify the spending. It fails to provide any data at all to justify any action. The push back you might see trying to turn this into a handout for fertility control is just another corporate interest, not wild horse advocacy.

“Compare to sage grouse for a moment. If that report was 33 pages long and simply stated the objectives to keep industry going and not list the grouse how would Congress respond? that is exactly what this so-called report does and should get the same response from Congress as if this were sage grouse.

“Yes, we will release a detailed report of our own, as we did the last round. Congress needs to reject this report, as it did the previous one, and investigate everyone involved in it’s creation. This report is dirty, lazy and a national embarrassment.”

In addition, organizations such as Wild Horse Education, were left off the notification list even after it was confirmed that they were on the list. We received the report second hand and have not received any official notification from BLM.

The 60 day scrutiny period began on May 8th. In order for BLM to receive the additional $21 million to run this agenda Congress must accept this report and release the funding.

WHE will respond as we did to the 2018 report, that Congress rejected. (HERE)


Just as WHE fought back the 25 page report in 2018, we are ready to take on this sham. (click to read)

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The 2018 report: https://wildhorseeducation.files.wordpress.com/2018/04/blm2018_report2congress.pdf

The 2020 report: https://wildhorseeducation.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/Report.pdf

Report Update: 63 days until roundups begin : https://wildhorseeducation.org/2020/04/29/roundups-63-days-and-counting/

This story is breaking and we will update you soon.

WHE has already logged a formal complaint against BLM on the notification system of this report. It seems organizations involved in the “Ten Years to AML” corporate coalition received notification days ago. The coalition represents this agenda and those that rolled over to help it happen. A few of them “crying foul” now as the public became aware of their agenda. Make no mistake, this is the power behind all you see now.

More here: https://wildhorseeducation.org/2019/05/08/chris-stewart-tells-congress-of-agreement/




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