Wild Horse Education

Mothers Day

A “Mothers Day” card written by WHE volunteer Marie Milliman

In honor of all mothers, wild and domestic.


With appreciation for the burden of carrying their young.

With respect and compassion for the birthing process that they endure.


With admiration of the care that they provide to rear their babies.

With reverence for their self-sacrificing acts to protect their offspring.


A mother’s love is the base of her spirit, in addition to her fundamental maternal instincts infused with vigilance, tolerance and wisdom.

And to “Mother Earth” for supporting all the life she carries.

We respect and cherish all you give each and every day. 

Happy Mothers Day.


To help protect our wild ones help us push for reform to keep the wild, wild.

A mom tried to hide her baby in the trees, to no avail, during a roundup. The unnatural predator in the air is relentless. They us to to stand to protect them and the land they stand. 


Help us stay in the fight today. 


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