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BLM Internet Adoption/Auction (ends in less than 24 hours)

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4924 from Fish Creek after winning his first mare. Today he sits in a holding pen on the fast track to “sale eligible.” On range an incredible “Shadow” of magic. In a pen? just a small horse with a number.

The current BLM Internet Auction ends in less than 24 hours. Our teams are working on multiple projects and still dealing with a few complications post the last roundup run of the Eagle operation.  However we thought we would do a fast reminder and give a wild horse a deserving spotlight.

Many of the wild ones you saw on the last event page are listed again. BLM is fast tracking to “strike out” wild horses to make them sale eligible (less restrictions and title transfers immediately). You can learn more about the distinctions between adoption and sale HERE. 

When you go to the auction site looking for a wild horse from a specific area you may have heard of, or a roundup you may have seen, you should know the way things get recorded in field level documents does not always match the way you expect in the paperwork that follows a wild horse into holding.

knowhmasOne example is the Owyhee Complex: EAs and roundups you read about will reference the name of the complex. The paperwork will be the name of the actual Herd Management Area (HMA). Owyhee is 5 HMAS: Rock Creek, Little Humbolt, Owyhee, Little Owyhee, Snowstorm.

The Triple B roundups you see include Cherry Springs.

The Antelope Complex is Antelope, Antelope Valley, Spruce-Pequop and Goshute.

Fish Creek is in central NV. The Fish Springs wild horses are a small area listed as Pine Nut Mountains.

So if you are looking for specific wild horses you may have heard about? check all the right boxes in the search bar.

Date of capture can also be recorded as the day shipped, not captured. The manner in which this happens is not always consistent. So vary your searches and know what you are looking for.

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On range at Fish Creek this young black was such a star, a real joy. An amazing mover that just won his first mares he was dazzling and his dancing and bravery easily chased away the bachelor bands.

In holding? he is just a number now, measured only by his height and not his mustang soul. He has no bid and will probably fast track into the three strikes category and become extremely vulnerable to political winds that will threaten his fate year after year,

Do you have space for an absolute jewel in a small package? Number 4924 might not look like much in a holding cell, but he is pure magic when he moves. (click image below to go to the internet adoption page featuring 4924)

EDIT: He received a bid! Someone wanted him. We hope they love him as much as WHE has and enjoy this little Shadowman. 


Even if you can not adopt a wild horse, we urge you to go and look at the event itself. Search for areas that you might have heard of, check capture dates and familiarize yourself with this “internet” fast track.

Remember, they are not just a number. The pictures on the internet adoption do not do them justice.

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Please take the action to help the wild ones still on the range HERE. 

Can you help us stay in this fight?


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