Eagle Roundup Ends, 23 confirmed dead

The Eagle roundup of wild horses has ended. 

1704 (762 Studs, 937 Mares, 5 Foals) have been captures and 23 have died.  (Video edit notes 24, BLM has confirmed 23. We will have more for you soon. Our crew is dealing with vehicle issues. The video below is the only day we could briefly see actual capture for a few seconds and we were not allowed to see the capture pens. We could not move to an obstruction aprox 20 ft from where our observer stood. The position would have been safe to observe from and facilitated observation of capture pen. It was refused as were all other options throughout this operation.)

Edit: BLM has updated numbers. 1,716 captured and 24 dead.

50 were planned for release after 2 applications of Gona-Con in a 30 day period (potential for sterilization), a hormonal fertility control agent intended for once a year application. We believe 49 will be released after one of the mares suffered colic and was euthanized. We will update soon.

The Eagle roundup ended after 34 days of squeezing every wild horse that could be captured out of the complex with as much hidden as possible.

Feb 21 (Day 34) Last day of capture operation update: 

BLM captured 48 (21 Studs, 27 Mares, 0 Foals).

Killed 4

  • 1-year-old bay stud was euthanized, due to crooked back
  • 25-year-old bay stud was euthanized, due to body condition score 2 (BLM said no teeth) and a poor prognosis for recovery.
  • 20-year-old bay mare was euthanized , due to body condition score 2 (BLM said no teeth) and a poor prognosis for recovery.
  • 18-year-old bay stud with blind left eye.

You an access our ongoing daily reports on Eagle HERE.

In those reports you can see all of the reasons BLM killed wild horses at this operation including a sway back, an overbite and more.

6 of those that died were under 3 years old.

Where WHE stands now:

We are speaking to legal and will be reviving both our First Amendment and humane handling litigation. WHE is the only org to ever take these issues into court. We are also the only org to ever win. Both of these issues reside in context of public lands management law, not the law books on domestics.

We are still fighting the release of additional funding that will create this type of devastation to all of our herds due to multi-million dollar corporate lobby and the multiple species orgs (and their partners) that drove a deal with livestock and then rammed it through Congress. This new funding does not demand site by site management planning, just a shopping list that caves on the wild, wild horse and increasing funding for token fertility control application (without specifying no sterilization surgeries or experiments). This funding will be used to squeeze wild horses off the land as private interests do a massive resource grab of grazing, water, mineral, etc. Please take the action HERE. 

Those multi-million dollar corporate CEOs, that claimed to represent advocacy, have never used one dollar to fight even the basic issue of abuse during capture. Often, in the past, they even got in our way because we were “interfering with deals.” Their “deal making” is a disaster.

What they have done? we have not seen this type of roundup operation in years. Their sell-out will cause 15-20K wild horses per year to be subject to the type of operation we just witnessed at Eagle. This is what they marketed to unsuspecting Americans as a “win” for wild horses. Shame on them, shame on them. (A lot of twists and turns and betrayals and more involved in this. WHE know what they did. It is a betrayal to you, us and the wild horses.)

As we fight massive moves to destroy wild horse habitat, and plans to sterilize the fragments of our herds that will be left on range, we must bring back our fight for transparency and the fight against abuse during capture.

WHE is tiny. But with your support we can.

Please take the action HERE. 

Can you help us stay in this fight?