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Eagle Feb 5 (sometimes you just want to see their faces)

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All of our roundup team (CAWP) members are required to journal. Our founder is no exception. This is a short journal note from the Eagle roundup, Feb 5., LLeigh.

Stats for today: 81 (43 Studs, 38 Mares, 0 Foals) 1 death, colic. 

I just wanted to see their faces and condition after capture today. I wanted to see their faces. I wanted to see their condition. Wss handling slow or rushed? I could not see it at trap. Instead of using stock trailers today, semis were used. Maybe I could get a good look as they ran through chutes? not there either.

As the day wore on more and more of the holding corrals were obscured by trailers and trucks. I think they put a horse down today, but I can not be sure. We will post the official statistics after they are released on the Eagle Update Page HERE.

(official stats were posted as we published: 81 (43 Studs, 38 Mares, 0 Foals), 1 death, colic)

Each and every wild horse matters. You travel hundreds of miles, get up before dawn, freeze or boil, beat up your truck…. not to just get “stats” for the end of the day and one dramatic picture for social media,  but to work to decrease any hardship and suffering of each wild horse. The courts understood our work. Is it that hard to understand?

Maybe you might want to see their faces, too? (9 hours at this location just trying to get a good look.)

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Tomorrow we will give you reports from two roundups running at the same time; Eagle and Reveille. 

Tomorrow we will give you some background on litigation that created a humane handling policy and opened roundups to daily view; where we stand and where it needs to go next. 

Today we wanted to see their faces and share them with you.


Can you help us stay in this fight?


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