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2019: End of Year Digital Magazine


2019 is quickly drawing to a close. A look back at the year in roundups, legal actions, politics and more in our digital “year in review” e-magazine.

All contributions made to support our work will receive the full-color, printable, digital magazine that highlights the most important events of 2019. We hope this can help you prepare for “the fight of their lives” in 2020. 2019 has been a year of betrayal, dirty politics and our amazing, resilient, wild horses caught in the grips of corporate lobbyists only looking to enrich their clients. The damage done is immense.

In 2020 we can, and will, fight back. Our range data, and litigation record, stand as impressive foundation to launch an attack. The age of “Alt fact” and “pay-to-play politics” must end. We can, and will, shine a light.

In addition to the “2019, Year-In-Review”, we will include a short and personal reflection, from our founder. Not only is the year 2019 coming to a close, the decade has ended. The last decade has been a roller-coaster of struggle, triumph and tragedies.


“Where Do I Begin?” is a short, 16 page collection, of unedited journal entries spanning the last decade, to illustrate the experience of running range to courtroom and back again and again and again. Our founder, Laura Leigh, deals with some adult subject matter that references violence against our wild horses, domestic violence, breast cancer and more. We suggest parental discretion and advise the material is for reading by mature teens (and older).

The “Year in Review” and “Where Do I Begin?” will be sent to all that contribute to this work. Year end funding determines how strong any nonprofit can address the challenges of the coming year.

The work of our organization is: based on data (that has stopped roundups before they started), strategic litigation that has changed policy (humane handling, access, sales to kill), investigative work that has exposed corruption (including assisting in the 2012 expose of the connection between a killbuyer, a former Secretary of Interior and nearly 1800 wild horses that went to slaughter).

The work is driven by our heart and soul.

Thank you for supporting Wild Horse Education.

The fight is not over. The fight is alive. It lives in you, us and the beating heart of our wild horses.

Thank you! ~ the volunteers of Wild Horse Education


All donors will receive a link to the ebooks when they publish. The year in review will publish January 1. The Decade on Review will publish by Jan 30th. 




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