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Updated: Action, vote today Senate. Your calls still needed.

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UPDATE 12 noon eastern 10/31.

VOTE OVER. NO VOTE on Lee amendment on transfer of land and authority. NO CHANGES to language for Wild horses.

Bill still stands as before (the $35 million additional and vague language would allow sterilization).

The House and Senate bills do not match.

The bills must be consolidated.

Continue calling with the alert below, both your House Reps and Senate Reps. We are currently under a continuing resolution that holds BLM budget and authorities at current levels through Nov 21.

Keep calling until bills are consolidated and STOP the funding of a disaster to our wild ones!

We will update later on more from Senate and House after the Advisory meeting. 

Keep making the call listed below to both your House and Senate Reps until the budget passes. 


Our representatives on the hill just alerted us that Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) has proposed an amendment to Interior Appropriations that contains broad sweeping ramifications for BLM. It will open the floor to debate. Debate and vote scheduled at 11:30 am eastern time.   This amendment failed.

Note the amendments, that include those  in this article, were heard or remain pending. We will update soon. 

Please call NOW. 


I am calling about the Interior Appropriations for wild horses.

NO sales to slaughter. NO sterilization. NO additional funding until BLM releases the Report to Congress that is over 3 months late. 

Maintain status quo on funding and authorities until BLM report can be scrutinized.


call committee members (particularly if one is your rep!)

committee: https://www.govtrack.us/congress/committees/SSEG

Find your Senator: http://govtrack.us

Find Your House Reps




Help us stay in the fight!

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