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Webinar: Speak Out!


On Tuesday October 15, at 6 pm pacific time, you can join us for a live web presentation.

The presentation will cover the multiple avenues open to the public to “speak out” and help protect our wild horses and burros. We will help you to identify the avenues open to you, prepare you to call, write letters, and engage with the information you need to effectively advocate for your position.

Our founder, Laura Leigh, has been talking to legislators and in multiple public venues over the last few months. She will share her insights from these conversation with you. There are deficits in information at the legislative level that are fueling todays debate that you can help resolve through your actions! She will provide an update on the budget debate and where it all goes from here.

On October 29-31 the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) will be holding a meeting of their advisory board for wild horses in DC. Public input, even if you can not travel to DC, is appropriate. We will utilize the board meeting as an exercise in crafting comment letters. We will help you craft a comment letter during the webinar. This exercise can help you prepare to engage your legislators, federal land management personnel and proposed management actions.

The webinar will also include several opportunities for you to ask your questions, present obstacles you have faced, and interact with our volunteers to help resolve challenges.

To participate:

After you make a contribution you will be placed on the automatic mailing lists that will provide a reminder of the event, how to log in and, after the event, how to access the recorded version in case your schedule changes and you can not participate live. A minimum $20 donation, to help us cover our costs, will provide you our “thank you” webinar. We thank you for supporting our hard work. 

If you have a question that you feel requires an in-depth answer, and should be incorporated into the webinar, you can email the question to: Laura@WildHorseEducation.org (please put “web question” in the subject line). 

The webinar is scheduled from 6-7:30 pm pacific time. We allow 90 minutes for the presentation and time to answer questions. However, many of our web presentations do run longer so we can interact with as many participants as possible. We tailor the presentation to address the subject first so you can get the info and then hang out and chat, or leave if your schedule does not allow the time. 

We limit participation to 35 individuals. If you are interested in joining us, please sign up early. 

WEBINAR FILLED, all spaces filled. We will work on adding a new date if we can find the time in our schedule. THANK YOU. 




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