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Many of you are engaged in contacting your representative in Congress as the funding debate moves forward. The House has approved a “$6 million dollar version” and the Senate a “$35 million dollar version.”  Both are versions of a tragic corporate agenda that will collapse the BLM Wild Horse and Burro Program; it takes the broken frame and runs it into destruction.

There is a lot of confusion about the agenda because it includes high profile corporate organizations that claim to represent you, us, and wild horses and burros. Not one of these orgs have an on ground presence that extends beyond a handful of “tours.” These corporate paper pushers throw money, charts and double speak to forward large orders of temporary fertility control (a useful tool, not a solution) and to gain a huge chunk of the holding facility budget. (Learn more)

This agenda pushes the largest removals of wild horses in history (15-20K) each year, sterilization (under the absurd heading of “humane” sterilization), moving millions of tax payer subsidies for holding facilities into private control, and more that will devastate any hope of reaching “humane on range fair management.”

It is up to you to be a voice for our wild horses.

In order to be that voice you may have to defend your position in questions, not just a soundbite. It is not enough to “take a position,” you need to read and understand why you take a position because you will get questioned.

WHE’s position:

BLM decision making is unjustified through true scientific process. The National Academy of Sciences (NAS) bears this statement as a fact from 1982-2013.

BLM must rectify the flaws in the framework (ie., unjustified boundary lines, AML) prior to any additional program funding or program changes.

The current budget bills do nothing except accelerate the track to collapse. 

BLM must craft a report that shows current conditions (ie population counts and location, available waters, fence lines, boundaries, mining and livestock) HMA by HMA and a comparative report to the original survey (population counts and location, available waters, fence lines, mining and livestock). BLM must demonstrate what they are doing to rectify the habitat loss, the loss of water sources, fixing boundary lines and adjusting AML through scientific process that includes critical habitat preservation.

Only after the report is produced and distributed, transparently, should any additional funding be provided for programmatic changes or acceleration. 

Congress should designate $2 million for this process and no other additional funding.

WHE position paper WHE_FinalPosition_Fiscal2020_BLMWHB

In order to defend your position you will need a deeper understanding. The following “WHE library” is presented for the “debate team” member that the public needs to become. These are subjects our volunteers are briefed on extensively before they engage with Congress, media or speak in public venues on WHE’s behalf. 

A look at the areas prioritized in the last roundup schedule: this is not “starving wild horses” it is all politics: https://wildhorseeducation.org/2019/09/27/roundups-the-next-round-in-the-fight-a-simple-illustrative-tool/

The bottom line for the “wild horse haters,” and those that cave to the political pressure they create, is an assertion of overpopulation. Yet they base that assertion of an inaccurate and politically based “AML.”

Simple answers (and a bit snarky) to “over AML” and they are “not wild but feral” in the Deadly Traps of Advocacy part one: https://wildhorseeducation.org/2017/03/03/deadly-traps-dont-get-caught/

Game of AML, part one: https://wildhorseeducation.org/2017/08/28/the-game-of-aml-part-one/

Game of AML, part two: https://wildhorseeducation.org/2017/09/05/the-game-of-aml-part-two/

Find our reps here http://govtrack.us

Make the call and be the wild horse debate team. Our wild ones need an educated and determined voice, yours.


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