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Committee Markup, Make A Call

Today, Tuesday, the subcommittee markup on the Interior Bill is happening now.


On Thursday, Sept 26, the Full Committee Markup will occur.


Our teams are working hard. WHE is tiny, but we carry the reality of the range, we are working hard to get that reality into the room that is filled with high-powered and well-funded lobby groups. We need your help.

Take action: Backdoor deals that include some that call themselves wild horse advocates jumping into bed with the wolf killers, bear killers, livestock lobby interests, are set to run the BLM Wild Horse and Burro program to collapse. Mass removals (15-20K a year) will overwhelm holding giving rise to the proposal to euthanize them in large numbers, again. These removals will also increase reproductive rates on the range as surgical sterilization begins in our wild populations. Population numbers will be decimated as stocking levels are still determined by an absurd national “AML” set in politics of the 1970’s.

BLM has already made drastic cuts to the NEPA process that effect wild horses and our ability to fight back against unjustified actions. More are proposed under this new agenda.

BLM was required to provide Congress with a new BLM Report to Congress to be utilized in the budget debate. BLM has not released the report and the due date has come and gone.

Make the call and ask for a freeze to the BLM budget for 2020; no new authorities, funding, subsidies.

The House version of the budget bill for Appropriations for the Wild Horse and Burro program must be rejected by the Senate.

BLM must address the sheer lack of scientific justifications for their actions as outlined by the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) from 1982-2013. This must be done before any discussion that creates protocol, policy, new subsidies, etc.

This entire mechanism of the lobby effort represented “The Path Forward,” the lobby document, needs to be investigated. The place to begin the investigation is into the BLM Report to Congress that includes multiple ethics violations.

Learn more, and take action, against this dangerous agenda set to destroy our truly wild horses by corporate interests HERE.

Find your Senate Reps at http://govtrack.us

Senate Committee Members: https://www.appropriations.senate.gov/subcommittees/interior-environment-and-related-agencies

Pick up a phone, today.


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