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Roundup Updates and an Important Action

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Catching up from the road.

Take action

Please remember to take action this week in the ongoing debacle of the budget debate. Backdoor deals that include some that call themselves wild horse advocates jumping into bed with the wolf killers, bear killers, livestock lobby interests. Other backdoor deal making have many saying one thing to the public, yet taking actions to further their own efforts for a slice of the subsidy pie behind the scenes.

The entire “agenda, plan, report” (the reference keeps changing to keep the public and legislators easier to confuse) needs to be stopped.

Make the call and ask for a freeze to the BLM budget for 2020; no new authorities, funding, subsidies. This entire mechanism needs to be investigated. The place to begin the investigation is into the BLM Report to Congress that includes multiple ethics violations.

Learn more, and take action, against this dangerous agenda set to destroy our truly wild horses by corporate interests HERE.

Find your Senate Reps at http://govtrack.us

Pick up a phone, today.

Please take the action above, this week.

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BLM Report to Congress

The release of the BLM Report to Congress has passed the due date. BLM says they are “completing” the report and it will be out shortly. We will keep you posted, review the report and release it to you as soon as we have it.

This report is steeped in ethical violations, backdoor deals and betrayal. There are even many presenting “opposition” to it but are actually simply working for a slice of the subsidy pie. This is not a negotiable document. The document needs an investigation and the BLM program should be frozen at current authorities and budget until the investigation is completed.

Learn more: HERE

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Roundup/Removal Updates

End of fiscal year 2019. (Roundups beginning in October are funded by the 2020 budget being debated now.)

Fish Creek: 558 wild horses captured. 5 deaths. 20 (7 mares, 13 studs) released. Operation ended Sunday, Sept 15. (reports HERE) Fish Creek is an operation we will dissect for you in an extended article. If you can understand each aspect of Fish Creek, you will understand where the program is actually broken. The push in Congress, the changes in budget and authorities, wont address a single issue. It just throws more money into corruption.

Onaqui: 187 captured. 2 deaths. operations continue (reports here)

Antelope: (the largest bait trap operation ever attempted by BLM, target 1250)  Wild horses captured: 749 (297 Stallions, 316 Mares, 136 Foals). 8 deaths. Wild horses are being shipped to “off-limits” Broken Arrow. BLM is only facilitating observation of holding once every other week. (range reports will be published soon)

Devils Garden: 176 have been captured to date. No official death statistics are available.

The next round has 600 burros from Bullfrog in NV and Range Creek, a small HMA in Utah, will have 200 removed.

The type of schedule you have witnessed in the last week is what you will see, every single week, if the push in Appropriations by the “subsidy agenda alliance” is successful. You will also see spaying, gelding and further exploitation.

What you wont see is any attempt to fix the program before they destroy the program.

There are massive games on range with waters and fencelines. More fences are proposed in a new targeted grazing scheme. Mines are breaking ground, fast tracked, lowering water tables and introducing new contaminants. We blame wild horses, impose penalty on wild horses, pen them and, in three years time, the push to kill the ones removed will be back in high gear.

Help stop this agenda. (more HERE)


Our teams are engaging on range at roundups and giving VIP tours to media and politicos. We are also engaged in multiple meetings on the many dangers faced by our wild horses.

Perhaps those seeking independent answers, not those handed from a corporate sales pitch or a federal agency making excuses, is because of incidents where members of Congress are being refused answers to questions by BLM?

This administration has halted House oversight trips. (here) Maybe there is a bright side? Maybe this will force Congress, if they want any answers, to seek them from other sources besides those with big paid lobbyists and federal agencies?

Please take the action at the top of this page.


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