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What We Will See and What We Wont (roundup schedule through Oct.)

Areas like Triple B, that are relatively remote, gain a lot of public attention during a roundup. When the roundup ends, public attention fades. As the debate in Appropriations moves forward, and the propaganda hits the stage on “starving horses,” please remember this is how BLM prioritizes their so-called “limited” funding. BLM claims the mandate is to prioritize for “range and herd health,” not the buddy club. Remember this roundup at Triple B was for “mine trucks hitting horses because they wont slow down” and very select livestock permittees. Remember just how fat these horses are. Their removal was the summers #1 priority for BLM, don’t forget that.

We do have smaller, easy to access, areas where there are members of the public that travel out (some have photo clubs) regularly. These areas stay in the public eye.

On heels of Triple B we have (possibly) the largest bait trap operation ever planned by modern BLM, and the largest removal of wild horses through the end of the fiscal year, at the Antelope Complex. The Triple B Complex, and the Antelope Complex, have been meshed into a massive stack of paperwork as “one area” to be analyzed. This is sheer absurdity. (You can compare how the smaller Pine Nut, also on the roundup schedule, with massive TripleB/Antelope areas are handled. It’s the same BLM, same state, just different districts HERE).

Burros are being removed, now, in Arizona.

The Antelope Complex portion of this “Triple B/Antelope” target lies in an area of very powerful politics. Craig Hoover, a career BLM employee, recently lost his job. He lost his job because he kept reporting trespass and theft by livestock permittees.  The removals in Antelope will criss-cross some of those areas and areas where we have traffic from recently approved mining expansion. One way to avoid intense scrutiny is to schedule a bait trap; it keeps the pesky advocates away (we do know one of the permittees really does not like wild horses or wild horse advocates).

The contract for the massive bait trap operation has not been awarded as of the writing of this piece. We have inquired for information on observation.

The Pine Nut Mountains will begin a helicopter operation to remove 250 at the end of the month. Around the same time Antelope will begin.

There is more on the schedule through Oct (end of fiscal year). The rest of 2019 is being determined now, in Appropriations debate, and before winter ends, thousands more will lose freedom.

More soon on politics, range reports and roundups. 


Note: During the roundup of Triple B our onsite team engages, not only in documenting for public information, but we are busy working against abuse (CAWP). Our team engages onsite personnel to stop inappropriate conduct from repeating, keeps a statistical database, engages for long-term changes and prepares litigation (in case it is needed).

This time we also had to send a team member to address the issues at the Senate hearing (HERE).

The “edit of review, Triple B,” the music and images, becomes a detail we usually can not find time for as the other tasks take priority. The edit is presented at the op of this page.

You can see the “fast daily updates” HERE.

Visit to Triple B that were shipped to PVC HERE.


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