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Happy Birthday, to WHE!


As we enter into one of the most important fights in history for the wild, wild horses we take a moment to remember where we have been.

Happy Birthday to Wild Horse Education! Founded by Laura Leigh to fill a gap she saw in advocacy (and in federal agencies), to not only speak for the reality of the wild horses, but to educate the public to that reality. Law, history and the life of the wild horses on public lands is often twisted and misrepresented to perpetuate problems, not solve them.

Eleven years ago Leigh began this journey, “It’s been an incredible, rough, crazy, road. But I would not trade it for anything. It is a fight worth fighting.”

WHE has played a valuable role as the only organization to litigate (repeatedly and win) against abuse at roundups, litigate to gain the right to observe roundups (First Amendment litigation that led to an access policy), stop roundups that were not justified through ground data, and more. (you can check out our resume, that needs a update, HERE)

WHE is not a fancy box with a bow. WHE is often see as the “brown paper wrapper.” We got the nickname not only because of our need to stretch our resources, because of the “kick” in the package. WHE does a lot of heavy lifting in law and on the range. There is a lot of ground to cover. WHE carries our share of the load.

WHE is a highly specialized organization focused on the wild, wild horses managed under federal jurisdiction.

The only animal in our nation legally defined by where it stands, not what it is biologically. From birth on the range, through adoption or sale, they are wild under the law. Only after title is transferred are they considered domestics under law.

WHE is tiny, but our work is strong.

Thank you for supporting us in another year of standing as the voice of the wild.

May we defeat the current threats and move toward equity on range, an understanding of the wild and stop the abuse and profit driven exploitation of the wild horse and the land it stands. Without the land it stands…. there is no wild horse.

Thank you for sharing this journey with us! 


Learn more about the BLM in our article here, it is important to understand as a “wild” advocate: https://wildhorseeducation.org/blm/

In honor of our birthday contributions will be matched through Monday!


An interview with our Founder in January of 2017 as she reflects on the personal journey as an advocate. Featured in the New Yorker Magazine and at Mountainfilm.

The fight continues…

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