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BLM Creates New Slaughter Subsidy; Response to BLM PR

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Owyhee orphans BLM shuffled out of site and delayed adoptions. The little one trying to nurse off another foal? died.

BLM Creates Subsidy for Wild Horse Slaughter Industry; Response to BLM Press Release

Today the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) announced it’s new policy of providing a financial incentive to adopters of wild horses. It is essentially a “wild horse rebate.” 

“While we understand the BLM desire to increase adoptions, this is not a safe and sane option. A $1000. per horse rebate is essentially more than spent on care for a wild horse for someone that operates a feedlot or just throws them in a pasture.”

Treating wild horses as if they are more than just a number at adoption events and on websites would go a long way toward finding safe homes. BLM often does nothing at all to feature young wild horses for adoption, including orphans. Instead they repeatedly shuffle these horses out of site for several years and then feature them as adults with no background.

BLM can never find funding for monitoring, range improvement for wild horses or more staffing. Yet they can always find more funding for those that want a horse slaughter perk. Think about a $1,000 perk for 3,000 wild horses (5,000 adopted will cost $5 million). BLM just pulled $3 million (or more) out of their strained budget. $3 million to address simple monitoring could go a long way to fixing the core issues like range monitoring, habitat preservation and stopping trespass domestic livestock. Instead they created another subsidy program.

BLM efforts to treat wild horses as valuable fail miserably from how they are managed on range, treated during roundups and then shuffled into privately contracted facilities for years.

Only when they are told to clear those facilities for more roundups do we see what looks like a tag, or garage sale. Now that garage sale purchase comes with a rebate. 

This subsidy is one more gift to those that want to see wild horses removed from the range and sold to slaughter.

We need a serious investigation into the Wild Hose program. It deserves the same attention we are giving to National Monuments. Until we treat the root cause? making slaughter more profitable will be a card in a poker game, not fair, sane, humane management.”

Laura Leigh, President, Wild Horse Education

“BLM does repeatedly issue title for the friends and family club even when any pretense of the mandated standard of care is not met. I have seen them do it with my own eyes.

BLM has different rules for different people. I can not even begin to contemplate the fraud that will exist in this new cash stream.”

Wild horses are public lands management. The same political games that shrunk Bears Ears are running this agenda.

More info: https://wildhorseeducation.org/2019/03/06/underneath-the-headlines-wild-horses-and-national-monuments-hand-in-hand/

BLM Press Release creating subsidy, including BLM PR contact info: download https://wildhorseeducation.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/031219-AIP-Press-Release.docx pdf

pdf reader 031219 AIP Press Release

BLM Internet Wild Horse “Adoption” Garage Sale: https://wildhorseeducation.org/2019/02/24/editorial-blm-internet-adoption-and-adoption-events/ 





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