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Update Groundwork; Pending probes, FOIA and the shell game of staffing


“Groundwork” requires both your feet and your head. Ground data is the first step. How you use that information is what can create an effective “fight for right.”

Most people associate our ground work with photos of wild, wild horses or roundups. But the data associated with the images is often overlooked by both the media and the public. As an example a roundup photo might get attention but the actual work represented is not a tourist or grand fundraiser. WHE fought for years to gain daily access to roundups and a policy for humane handling in court. We gather statistics to utilize in our continued quest to engage to make the protocols better. That is what a “roundup picture” represents.

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However, not all groundwork gets mud on your boots.

Two exciting events have transpired in the last 7 days. A hearing has been requested in the House that will deal with the proposed changed to the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). The other is a pending probe into staffing of federal agencies. 

Today members of the Senate and House began to publicly express serious concern over the number of key positions still vacant in federal agencies. These vacancies include only 41% of leadership positions in the Interior Department not being filled (as of January 28, 2019).

To deal with the number of vacancies in the upper ranks of departments, agencies have been relying on legally questionable moves that could leave the administration’s policies open to court challenges. Every action, policy revision, prioritized use of personnel is open to legal scrutiny. 

In 2 years there has been no nominee for Director of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and instead “acting” Deputies, or at the present the Deputy, has been given (potentially illegal) authority pf power of the Director. (We highly suggest that you read this piece where we cover a lot of the specifics  article from September “The Zero Accountability Factor.”)

Expect a formal investigation as a rush to fill vacancies and more creative memos go out from the desk of  former oil lobbyist David Bernhardt at the helm of  Interior. (Zinke is not “off the hook” and his policies, appointments and directives can still be put under the microscope.)

Actual ground data and observations kept over years and years can actually create a valid trail to follow to support deep probes into the BLM Wild Horse and Burro program as the avenues for scrutiny widen.

We ask that you continue to take the action outlined HERE. 

Groundwork is the frame it all stands on. The frame is strong. We are doing our part and your calls and emails are helping more than you may realize. 

Thank you!


Part 5 in the “Information is Power” series, CAWP (what it is and is not) and an update on the legal briefs we completed today coming soon.



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