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Pancake Update


We have a really busy schedule the next few weeks. 2019 is going to be a very busy year! Our wild horses on public lands are in serious danger with rapidly shifting politics underhoof. We have hit the ground running.

Over the years we have done “Question and Answer” segments in what we have called “the talking head” format. These eventually evolved into our webinars to increase interactivity. Our webinars have covered many subjects and have become a popular feature. We will be announcing the spring schedule soon.

The video below was recorded early this morning as we have needed to update on the “Pancake litigation.” Yes, litigation is active. Litigation is not one set of documents filed. It requires a flurry of back and forth and many documents.  WHE is juggling field work, support information for efforts in Congress and our litigation. We wanted to update you and try to answer some of your questions.

The quality is extremely low resolution and was set to upload automatically without any further attention from us. (We hope it works!) 

Questions sent via social media are the ones most often missed. If you have questions that you would like to see answered in either a “QnA” article or video, or presented in a webinar format, send to: Laura@PublicHorses.org and put the word “Question” into the subject line (the email account receives a lot of mail and is not checked daily).

EDIT 2/1/20919

The federal shutdown delayed many of the legal filings. We have received new briefs from both the federal government and the mine. We will be filing another round to defend the “voice of the wild horses” early next week. 

Food for thought. Over the last two years it has become increasingly evident that the word “public” has multiple distinct meanings in federal management; profit driven enterprise and then “the rest of us.” One example is the phrase “parcels nominated by the public” for oil and gas exploration and development. The next level of “public” is the “friends and family circle.” “The rest of us” are only included somewhere after the other two categories.

If you watch the actions of federal management “who do you work for?” is a question you should keep in your minds as you address those privileged with salaries, benefits and retirement as public servants. What definition of “public” do they use? It will help you to prepare for the next round of elections and in determining how you engage.

Public lands are to be managed for all with equity; profit lines are not the mandate of current law. We will have more on how that is changing, and what you can do, soon.

links for more info:

Basic info in narrative on how we discovered the existence of the EIS and our comments: https://wildhorseeducation.org/2018/08/21/blm-fails-wildhorses-in-nepa-threatening-entire-herd/

Legal action filed: https://wildhorseeducation.org/2018/11/01/legal-action-filed-against-blm-mine-approval/

We will update soon.



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