Wild Horse Education

A gift from WHEkids; wild horse activity book

Our volunteers at WHEkids have made an activity book for kids of all ages.

Are you visiting family and friends and know some horse crazy kids? A few games and challenges to keep the “wild horse” part of your holiday fun!

We wish you a great holiday filled with joyful memories. 


You can visit our “kid friendly” web pages at WHEKids.com

You can download and print pdf here: WHEKids+Activity+Book+Holiday+Gift (1)

The interface is NOT loading right on phones and tablets. We have no control over that, we use a digital magazine publishing company that is technically closed for the holiday. If you are using a phone, click “expand” and then on the circle and hit “page overview,” and you will see the magazine. Or you can just download the pdf at the link above. 

If you are on a laptop or computer it will load correctly.

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