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Dec 13th, Day of the Horse


In 2004, Congress designated Dec. 13 as National Day of the Horse to honor the contributions horses have made to our country’s history, economy and national character.

Most Americans love and respect both domestic and wild horses. Horses hold a special place in our history and our hearts.

Wild horses are an inspiration to the spirit, a reminder of our past and a gateway to our wild places. We celebrate the horse; beauty, spirit and grace.

Yet horses face hardship and real dangers in our country.

Horse slaughter is illegal on US soil but we still have not banned the export of horses for slaughter. We currently have a political push to bring back horse slaughter in the US. We will face that battle again in 2019.

Habitat loss, and the loss of quality to available habitat, on public land threatens our wild horses. This process is on a political fast track that is fueled by corruption and is slowly eroding the avenues for public involvement.

The entire wild horse and burro program is based on politics and mythology. The broken framework is going to take a lot of hard work to fix. In 2019 we will see increased removals that will require a lot of work to guard against abuse and inequity.

We renew our commitment to fight against abuse, slaughter and for the preservation and protection of our wild horses and public lands.

In honor of the National Day of the Horse we have been offered a match! If we can raise $2,000, we will unlock a $2,000 gift match! Can you help us meet the match? Contributions matched from Dec 12-Dec 14! Every day is the “day of the horse” for us at WHE. Help us keep our work on that track.


We began our “look back” at 2018 with YOUR Top Ten articles, pictures and videos on our website. You can check it out by clicking the picture below.



We want to take a moment to speak to you about the urgent issues we are addressing now.
Massive projects are moving fast; livestock and mining. These projects require careful comments to set the stage for litigation. We are working on as many as we can.
Comments are not a popularity contest, one or ten thousand that say the same things do not determine how successful litigation will be, they simply show a public interest.
In one instance we did ask for you to comment; the Gold Rock mine. In that situation the BLM completely omitted wild horse interests from the NEPA process and showing that interest directly, was important.
We are now engaged in litigation.
At Silver King WHE, along with WildLands Defense, are involved in a legal protest against massive livestock projects.
At the legislative level we are working hard to ensure that our ground data, the facts, do not get pushed out of the room in favor of politics, all sides. This ground data is critical to make the constant conversation about slaughtering wild horses stop and the work to begin fixing the flawed BLM program and gain fair and honest management.
We are still working hard against the corruption that drives much of the BLM program. This work is the type of work WHE did when we gave testimony in 2016 on the Government Accounting Office (GAO) report against trespass livestock. It is the kind of work best done quietly until it is complete.
Yes, the end of the year is always a time of reflection. But in 2018 the time for reflection is limited as the dangers to our wild ones push hard into 2019.
Our match offer lasts until midnight (PT) on Friday.
Can you help us unlock the $2,000 match? It might not seem like a lot of money, but to us at WHE it can make or break our efforts,
Thank you! 
Slideshow of some of the areas where our work in 2018 has set a critical framework that can break the wheel of corruption. With your help, we can.




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In honor of the National Day of the Horse we have been offered a match! If we can raise $2,000, we will unlock a $2,000 gift match! Can you help us meet the match? Contributions matched from Dec 12-Dec 14!


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