Wild Horse Education

Wild Horse Education shirts are back for one week only!


We are fighting to make sure wild horses like him have a home to grow up in wild and free! You show your support for “Freedom and Justice” for our wild ones with a cozy shirt and give us badly needed funding at the same time!

Wild Horse Education is devoted to protecting wild horses from abuse and slaughter and preserving their habitat for future generations.

Wild Horse Education is the only org to take agencies to task in court over treatment of wild horses at roundups, we won again and again. There is now a policy for handling but there is more work to do!
Today we are working hard to preserve their habitat and make sure they have a voice as profit driven interests move fast into the places they call home.
“Without the wild places, there can be no wild horse.”
Help us fight back and and show your support!
(don’t forget to check out the back of the shirt!)
All US orders to arrive before Christmas!
We priced them as low as we could (WHE gets about a dollar a shirt. But there is a place to add a donation if you feel inclined. Thank you!)

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