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Warning Unheeded, disaster hits wild horses at roundup

We were asked about this event from almost exactly two years ago at Owyhee. So we have reposted.

Wild Horse Education

owyhee110716_001-1-29 Two of the wild horses injured when a trailer broke pulling a load over rough terrain and deep mud.

We were asked about these pictures from exactly two years ago. We have re-shared.

(Elko) The ongoing Owyhee Complex roundup in Nevada has trapped 405 wild horses so far with a total of 1600 expected. A section of the operation concluded yesterday with the release of 101, 52 suds and 49 mares, back to the range. So far 4 deaths have been attributed to the operation (deaths that occur after transport off, or back to the range, are not attributed to the operation).

In good weather roads in these areas are treacherous. There has been precipitation and constant travel over them has created ruts, pits, exposed sharp rock and mud pits.

Our observer onsite asked BLM about the safety of transporting horses in trailers over the roads and was assured that…

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