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Devils Garden; wild horse adoption/sale (and a rescue)


This beautiful stud made his way to sanctuary. One of the lucky ones that found a home at the Forest Service event over the weekend.

On November 16 and 17 the adoption/sale event of captured wild horses from Forest Service “Double Devil” corrals near Alturas, CA took place.

(You can read a report on capture and holding, including the Pigeon Fever at the corral here: https://wildhorseeducation.org/2018/11/14/devils-garden-phase-2/)


Two of the four older mares adopted with the pretty roan stud

Wild Horse Education team member Elyse Gardner Walsh observed capture and holding. Elyse also was onsite at the event assisting with the transport of 5 wonderful Devils Garden horses; a beautiful bay roan stud and 4 mares.

The 5 wild horses (probably 7, two of the mares are most likely pregnant) had a long drive after a long day.

It took several hours for the horses to be sorted and loaded at Double Devil. It was late last night that the horses made their safe landing.


A new home…

(we will publish some photos and video here as soon as the internet allows the loading. The horses are in a beautiful place now., but wifi is not the best. We will load video and pics as soon as we can.and a story of an overjoyed adopter!)

There are still 200 of the older wild horses at the Double Devil corral that still need homes.

The younger ones that were sent to the BLM Litchfeld corrals also need homes.

(We have been following the horses at Litchfield and will have more soon. They will be available for adoption sometime in December.)

To reiterate what was written in earlier pieces, Forest Service is inexperienced. We do know they plan on a removal again next year and another “adoption/sale” event. We hope that between now, and the next operation, that time is spent looking for resources for both on range management options and post care and placement. The Pigeon fever, confusion in communication, early gelding with no real recoup time, should be clear underscores that “things can be better.” 



Made with the hand of the next generation

Wild Horse Educations “WHEKids” site has just published some photos from a 5th grade classroom that will lift your spirits.

The WHEKids site is made just for kids. Check it out for a smile.



Help us build a strong frontline to fight for them and their habitat.



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