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One Week! Matching Contributions to our work for wild horses!

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Triple B roundup, 2018

Wild Horse Education just received an extremely generous offer; contributions made to our work will be match for one week up to $10,000. 

Our tiny organization works hard (you can see a mini resume here) and this time of year is critical for us. The contributions we receive can make or break our ability to push back. Our work is often limited only by our finances. We are tiny, but our will is big.

Together we have created policy changes, brought abuse of the horse and land into the public sphere. For nearly a decade we have been “in the trenches” and fighting for your voice and your horses.

Please help us make this match. The match runs through Nov 22 at midnight. Match extended through Saturday the 24th! 

We know this is a short and direct plea. We are working on multiple projects and wanted to get this generous match out as fast as we could. We hope you understand. 

Thank you.

A roundup begins long before a helicopter flies. Help us build a strong frontline to fight for them and their habitat.


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