BBC Outlook; A story of love for #wildhorses heard around the world


“The BBC contacted me while I was at the Owyhee roundup in September. They wanted to do a profile piece after seeing a video at Mountainfilm by Andrew Ellis on my strange life. The original intention was to air it prior to the midterms. I agreed and raced to Reno right after being at the roundup all day,with a head cold, to be in studio and then back out.

It did not air before midterm (shucks). They aired it today around the world as part of a series of human experiences; Outlook, Inspirations.

I received emails today from Ireland, Finland, Sweden and the Philippines. Horse lovers around the world understand the bond between horses and humans. So many are fascinated with our American West.

There are some amazing people that inhabit this planet working to overcome a hardship, find joy in each day or set a wrong to right. I am honored to be included in the ongoing series.” LLeigh, Wild Horse Education founder.

You can listen to the broadcast, edited, at this link. Begin at timecode 29:21 (move your cursor over the line until you see those numbers and click). The BBC broadcast was featured on multiple US stations today but we did not get notification as we were in the field and could not let you know ahead of time. But you can listen by clicking below and going to an edited segment in the “Outlook” series.

Laura Leigh is fighting for the rights of the 70,000 wild horses that live in the United States. She devotes her life to protecting these animals and has even taken the US government to court to ensure that the horses are treated humanely. She tells Outlook’s Emily Webb about her life and how she felt when she first set eyes on a herd of wild horses.   https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/w3cswldp





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