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Nevada Stallion; his entire herd is under threat in a state where more wild horses can legally exist than all others combined. A state where we still have massive tracts of wild places designated by Congress for the preservation of our large herds. Yet, we as a nation, are doing absolutely nothing to even begin that conversation based on simple truths. His home will be destroyed by profit driven interests. The public will only understand when the helicopter flies… when it is too late to help him and his herd. Then he will disappear into a facility with no real work done to land him safe… and we will talk about putting a bullet in his head, again and again and again….

The reality of the American wild horse often gets lost in a world run by cherry picking convenient soundbites that forward agenda. A world that values profit lines and media headlines over integrity, intelligence and truth is creating a really lousy reality for both humans and wild horses.

At Wild Horse Education (WHE) our job is to bring those uncomfortable truths and contractions into the open. We must demonstrate that without the context of our wild horses and public lands you can make “words on a page” formulate the reality of your choosing; “No horse removed” or “we have a serious over population problem.”

Each agenda contains threads of truth presented to solidify an institution. Neither agenda is, in actuality, creating a better reality the wild horse lives each day. Solidifying politics is simply making the reality  created by politics  stronger, not removing the politics that destroy the rangelands and push out wild horses into holding facilities where we debate killing them or sending them to slaughter every year.

We can not “out scream screamers.” We can not “spin our way out of spin.”

We need to get back to the valuing intelligence, integrity and beginning each conversation with simple truths.


Speaking  to media that we had on range. Words, actions and contradictions of the American West create the reality our wild horses live each day.

Over the last few months we have been working with several media outlets. We had the pleasure of hosting one on the range, short notice, to not only speak those truths but to show them how all of it gets translated into the practices we see today. We got a chance to show how the wild horse, and the land they stand on, pay the price.

A roundup starts long before a helicopter flies. The “ground zero” of the fight to save our wild ones and the land they stand on. A place you barely have a voice in process anymore and very few people exercise that voice that is threatened more and more each and every day.

We will keep you posted on the story…. and now have more paperwork to complete, comments to file, work to do. We will write soon, after we clear this pile on the desk, of serious issue you, as a wild horse advocate, must be made aware of.

For now…. enjoy some of the photos of the trip.

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