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Owyhee UPDATE; Operations move East #WildHorses

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The 3 mares and foal being transported back to temporary to be treated with PZP-22 (not dartable). They will be released Oct 2 back to the place they were captured. The red tub in the foreground is for hunters out taking the threatened Greater Sage Grouse to “drop a wing” for the DNA tracing program. The funding to remove wild horses was prioritized under “sage grouse protection” post Martin fire. We will write more about the imbalance of management strategies and the lack of engagement with local stakeholders for wild horses soon.

September 30

Wild Horses Captured: 95 (Studs 39, Mares 44, Foals 12)

 Shipped to PVC: 23 (Studs 11, Mares 9, Foals 3)

Deaths: 9/30/2018, 2-month old foal (filly) euthanized “congenital ligament deformity down in both front fetlocks, with a poor prognosis for recovery.”

Oct 1

Wild Horses captured: 8 (Studs 4, Mares 3, Foals 1)

Released: 4 studs

Video below a guest contribution from Elyse Gardner Walsh of Oct 1 (a voiceover edit by Leigh of daily count)

Totals for the Owyhee Complex operation

Captured: 1,222 (Studs 448, Mares 485 , Foals 189)

Shipped to Palomino Valley Total 832 (Studs 304, Mares 354, Foals 174)

Animals Treated with Fertility Control 

75 Mares

Returned: 205 (Studs 127, Mares 78* one was a foal)

Deaths: 23

This operation has moved East over the last  two days and is now run out of the Elko office.

The target is not based on wild horses captured, the target is to  removed 1200 and retreat as many as possible. At this juncture 832 have shipped. BLM is still determining release numbers. 

Weather after the move east has shifted and it now feels like “autumn” on the range.

Owyhee_100118_EGW - 1 (2)


Our team at another location will be reporting in soon and we will have more on habitat loss and what you can do to help soon! 

Important information on “context” at capture; advocacy before, during and after capture are distinct. http://wildhorseeducation.org/2018/09/30/context-concept-conclusion-nerd-notes-wildhorses-publiclands/

For background on the sage grouse you can poke through our archives before our next article: https://wildhorseeducation.org/?s=sage+grouse

Under sage grouse protections removing wild horses is the “first box to check.” Priorities of land managers will be featured in our next piece on Owyhee. 

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