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The roundup of Owyhee #wildhorses, Week one ends

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Owyhee, 2018

Wild Horse Education has been the only org at roundups since September 14. WHE was the only org at Eagle, the only org at the full first week of Owyhee where more than 80% of the operation is complete.

WHE is not a “million dollar org.” This work is long and hard. If you can contribute to our roundup team it would be appreciated. The work can not continue without funding. Thank you.

All contributors will receive a copy of our next WHE digital magazine publish date, October 15.


September 27, 2018

Wild horses captured: 84 (Studs 39, Mares 38, Foals 7)

Wild Horses shipped: 38 (Studs 12, Mares 18, Foals 8)

Totals after one week: 

Total captured: 936 (Studs 371, Mares 403 , Foals 162)

Wild Horses Shipped to Palomino Valley Center: 696 (Studs 255, Mares 288, Foals 153)

Returned to Range :61 (Studs 35,  25 mares treated with PZP-22 and one foal)

Deaths: 21

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Owyhee, 2018

The Winnemucca side of Owyhee is winding down after a week of operations and will move to Elko.

We are informed that there is an expectation the operation will continue with  target of 1200 removed. The additional wild horses will be treated with fertility control and released (that is what we have been told).

Temperatures begin cold, today it hit 35 on our drive out to the trap site and by mid afternoon hit 87.

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Owyhee, 2018

We are editing our “week in review” and will publish with the next “daily update.”

We are addressing some issues with the Comprehensive Animal Welfare Policy (CAWP) that our litigation was instrumental in creating. 

We are seeing a bit of a disconnect (not unusual with BLM), between “paperwork and practice.”

We are working with our legal team.

If you would like to support our continuation of creating and enforcing a policy that stops abusive practices of the past, and attempts to move this program out of a “black and white western movie” and into this century, we could use your support.

Observation, legal engagement and/or litigation is expensive.

We are also addressing issues of underlying habitat loss in many HMAs.

Practices have never been “fair and equitable” for the wild horse or the wild horse advocate. The last couple of years have seen a serious slide back in time. Things are much worse.

Thank you.


All contributors will receive a copy of our next digital Wild Horse Education Magazine, Roundups!, to be published October 15th. 


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The Owyhee wild horses from this operation are at Palomino Valley. If you want to adopt one they may move out fast and into places like Broken Arrow where you may not see them again. This beautiful filly could use a home. She just outran a 30 mph fire. If you note the foal numbers are not as high as they should be. many perished in the fire. Can you find a place in your barn for an Owyhee that survived and is now “homeless?”

Please do not remove watermarks or use content without written permission. 

Personal note: My work at Owyhee spans a decade. A decade of landmark legal actions and constant disappointment with those that like to “talk at you” and think it is a conversation. Owyhee, like many of the places this work has taken me, is filed with memories. I will write…. but the layers have to come together to be coherent. Or maybe I just need sleep? Have travelled over 6000 miles in 15 days. ~ LLeigh

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