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Double Up and Buckle Up!

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A wild stallion, this week, free on the range. Help us to keep him that way.

Our wild horses and the land they stand on are under attack. The information we gather, the research we do and the investigations we are participating in give us a strong base to push back the propaganda.

Politics rule the range, the reality of the range does not rule politics. That fact is leading us down a deadly path where our western landscape is changing dramatically; a downward spiral that we must push back against.

WHE has been preparing for the report to Congress from the BLM for the last year. The report is here. https://wildhorseeducation.org/2018/04/27/blm-report-to-congress/ We need your help to continue our work. We have no corporate sponsors. No large funding base. Our work is not funded by other organizations.

WHE is actively engaged to make sure that the voice of our wild places and wild things is not lost. WHE is engaged in created legislative changes to stop the yearly battle in Appropriations that threatens to kill our wild horses every single year. WHE is actively engaged in the Appropriations battle for 2019 that aims to kill, butcher (spay) and give away management of wild horses to private profiteers in another subsidy program.WHE is actively engaged as your voice is removed from process. WHE is actively engaged to hold those that set our wild horses up for failure on the range accountable.

We can only do this by presenting up to the minute factual information about the reality our wild ones struggle to survive in. Our teams are in the field and at the table. Can you help to keep us there?

All contributions until midnight, May 5 will be matched until we reach our goal of $10,000! Any contribution over $25. will not only be matched, but you will receive a digital copy of the “Stone Cabin Magazine!” The magazine is filled with history, the threats of today and full color photos of our amazing American wild horses. The magazine will publish May 1!

Click magazine cover to reserve your copy today!


Wild Horse Education is the only org in history to litigate against abuse at roundups. We were told we could never win. By being on ground and documenting, day after day, we brought our information into the courts and won. We won not just once, but over and over again. Today we have a humane handling policy that must be enforced and improved, but we did it. That policy exists today.

We can, and must, do the same on the range. We must continue to push back against the status quo of the “ol’ boy” network of politics that spews propaganda to forward profit lines. Just like the humane handling policy was not created in one case but took years, we must continue to expose, litigate and force oversight agencies to take action against those responsible. Impossible? No, it’s not. It will simply take old fashioned hard work.


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