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Data! What we need to create real change


At Wild Horse Education (WHE) most often we operate behind a moving dashboard, not a desk. Our data has been used to shut down unjustified removals, create management options and dispel the propaganda that currently threatens to kill tens of thousands of wild horses.

We have covered multiple ranges over the years and have created a burgeoning data set. It is crucial that we continue to monitor these areas as many are likely to be targets for removal and targets for propaganda.


Any contribution over $25. we will send you our 39 page, fill-color, magazine on Triple B as our gift to you.


This magazine is now available to read online HERE.


Triple B E-Zine

The Triple B roundup just completed last month; 1389 wild horses were captured and 28 died. A fertility control application that would have allowed around 500 wild horses to return home was cancelled, abruptly, by BLM with no court ruling, no change in law, no public input. The issues run much deeper than the 28 deaths. Politics rule our western ranges. Politics are destroying our western landscape and threaten our wild horses.

We thank you so much for caring about our wild horses and burros. Today the challenges are many. The trend data set we are compiling is our best weapon.



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