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Wild Horses, Countdown to Vote


Wild horse standing in slaughter auction sale yard

Things are changing fast (as they always do) as we head into the final weeks of the legislative push to kill both domestic and wild horses.

Many of our readers are sending us letters from their representatives that demonstrate that the reps are confused as well.

There are multiple bills that will affect wild horses; appropriations (funding) language in Department of Interior (wild) and USDA (domestic), new amendments, as well as multiple underlying bills that effect public land management (without it our wild horses have to stable place to exist).

On Wednesday of next week we will hold a (2 hour) webinar starting at 6:30 pm pacific time (requested by the majority of readers) to give you the up to the minute info to have at hand in the “final countdown.” To sign up click the button below and you will be sent instructions on how to complete you registration. The invitation will be sent to those that contribute $30. or more to help cover costs (contribution based on expected number of signees).


click here for webinar

Starting Wed we will also be publishing on this website a “daily call” that will have simplistic instructions issue by issue, we will not have time to do an in depth explanation. We are very busy behind the scenes.

We have a sign-on letter to continue to support Raul Grijalva (D-AZ) in his request for a probe into conduct of the Secretary of Interior (Ryan Zinke). If you have not signed on please consider clicking here to read more:  https://wildhorseeducation.org/2017/08/08/support-the-probe-into-interior/

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