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Our fight is far from over. The fight must be based on facts, the truth is on our side. We have a generous donor that will double every donation we receive through Sunday. Help us to break through. Click here to double your contribution to the fight. 

We are working with journalists, key Senators and other avenues providing critical information. We are experiencing communication issues as cell towers are taken out by fires (the fires could be a long way away but still interfere with signals, we are “ok”).

Please do not fall into the trap of being baited by the opposition on social media. The battle is not over. Divide, distract and confuse has been a mainline strategy. Your frontline is critical. Do NOT stop calling your representatives in Congress. Click here:  https://wildhorseeducation.org/2017/07/05/united-we-stand-take-action/

“This is not the complicated conversation of public land,” Leigh to journalist from a prominent publication, “this is an expose of corruption. Wild horses are the tiny simple stuff. If you can’t understand the simple lies you are told about wild horses by those that want the land they stand on, you will never be able to protect anything in the bigger picture. Say goodbye to sage grouse, clean water and safe soil. Do I have your attention?”

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The truth i on their side. Do not give up. Do not get distracted.

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