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Senate budget hearing; call and listen LIVE

The Senate Appropriations Hearing, subcommittee for the Interior Department, is scheduled for June 21 at 9:30 am Eastern Time. You can watch the hearing live by clicking HERE at the appropriate time.


Twin Peaks

If one of your Senators sits on the committee you can contact them and tell them you want language stricken from the budget that would allow the sale without limitation (slaughter) or the killing of any healthy wild horse by the BLM. You can see committee members HERE.

If you have never made a call to your legislators you can find your representatives at http://govtrack.us This is a great time to call and get to know your legislators. A midterm election will be held next year and every seat, 435, in the House of Representatives and and 33 of the 100 seats in the Senate, will be up for reelection. Getting to know your legislators is vital. Midterm could be a big turn around for our wild places and wild things.

With this legislative landslide making a simple call to all your legislators, even if they do not sit on a committee, is important. Every bill must go for a full vote before it can be passed into law. Why not pick up a phone today? WHEgoLive volunteer makes her first call to Congress here.

  1. Wild horses must be protected from sale to slaughter and no funds should be used to kill a healthy wild horse.
  2. BLM must create comprehensive changes to the handbook for management based on the National Academy of Sciences review of 2013.
  3. Management of wild horses and public land must remain under federal jurisdiction, no transfers of management under a guise of “collaboration.”
  4. Public land and public resource, including wild horses, must remain in the public domain, under federal management.

Just making that simple call covers a multitude of bills that are appearing daily. The redundancy of actions in the Senate and the House hiding transfers of federal authority to states is frankly, unprecedented.

Our wild ones need you.


Article about the House hearing, June 8, here: https://wildhorseeducation.org/2017/06/08/hypocrisy-of-doi-budget-alt-facts-may-kill-our-wild-horses/

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