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Father and son, after family was fractured and this colt was placed in a pen with all studs this stallion defended him… and the youngster kept trying to hide. 

“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.”

Prayer for wild horse advocacy in the challenging days ahead (sent by a Wild Horse Education volunteer):

May we rise to the challenges with courage.

The courage to learn and discern fact from fiction before we speak.

The courage to set aside personal agenda, vendetta and fear before we speak.

The courage to recognize that we do have a voice and the focus to use it.

The courage to remember our love for the wild horse that has carried the burden of so many profit driven agendas in our American West for far too long.

The courage to carry the horse.


We thank our volunteer for this simple prayer of a wild horse advocate that has been in this fight for over a decade. She wrote it knowing all we are up against and all she has seen. We share her fears that years and years of competition are leaving the wild horses in a very bad place and without nearly a whisper under the barrage of screaming, chest beating and spin.

The time is now.

We will have more on the news front for you soon. But this simple post reflects where we all, as advocates, are today.


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