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Are you fed up with a Congress that wont hear you? (open letter)


Nevada Wild Stallion

Our readers often send us the replies they receive from their Congressional Representatives at both state and federal levels. Many people get mislead by the label “Senate Representative” as well. Each State has a State Legislature that deals with state issues. You also have a representative to the House and Senate in DC. The later are the groups that supposedly bring your voice into the sphere of national politics.

At both the state and national level people feel discouraged and unheard.

One of our supporters recently sent us a letter from her Senate representative (in DC) out of Idaho. She wrote to him asking that BLM planning 2.0 be maintained. His response is similar to responses many in the West get on anything from horse slaughter to public land issues. It is important for you to understand that not only are we asking 2.0 be maintained but most recreational users of public land including hunting groups, ATV users, fishermen and environmentalists are asking for the same thing. The ONLY entities that want 2.0 dissolved are  those representing profit driven exploitation; livestock and mining. If a group sends you a request that you ask for 2.0 to be left in the dust (after close to a billion dollar effort to placate industry) you have just been given a gift; you can now identify organizations that masquerade as environmental protection that are really pro industry “shills.” (There are some taking no position; either they don’t understand 2.0 or feel so defeated that they are throwing up their hands).

note: A really great by product of all of this might be that real hunting groups (that rely on healthy public land) may begin to realize that their hatred of “environmentalists” actually has often been used to steer them into a position that actually destroys the sustainability of their interest. Ganging up on wild horse advocates and environmental interests has gone on a long time and we will write more about that soon in this DeRanged war.

Our reader, that sent us this reply, asked “Do I even bother writing him back? He never listens on any of the issues I care about.”

Absolutely. Please pay close attention to our “open letter to politicians that never listen to you.” (YOU can use this type of response to letters you receive about the SAFE Act (horse slaughter), wild horses or any environmental issue by removing the reference to “2.0” and adding the issue or bill number you wrote to your representative about).

Our suggestion is that you don’t simply mail your response to your representative, but to the editorial section of your local newspaper.

EDIT: We just got confirmation that BLM planing rule 2.0 is toast. The Senate passed it and it is on it’s way to the President. 2.0 is gone. We are writing a longer piece on what and why and how we must step forward. We will schedule another webinar on political action items soon.

Please note the debate on 2.0 is happening now (last night it is rumored that the Senate passed the vote to abandon 2.0 but as of writing there is no confirmation). You need to pick up a phone. Most of you have one in your pocket right now. https://wildhorseeducation.org/2017/02/19/actionderangedwar-tools-strategies-and-tactics-factweek-part-one/



Mr. Risch (intentionally reference them with a civilian title and not “Senator or Congressman.” Sometimes it’s the little things that can make you feel better and we promise you this intention wont be missed).

I can not  thank you enough for your response. You are making my choices so simple.

You misrepresent local interest. I am a local interest. It is not my local voice you seek to protect. Your response demonstrates your aim is to maintain the stranglehold of control over our public land that local profit driven exploitative industry currently maintains. It is obvious you represent one voice, that of exploitation and not protection of our public resource.

Yes, 2.0 was a first step toward including voices like mine. I see your agenda is ignoring voices like mine and trying to tell me you protect my voice. Thank you for insulting my intelligence.

For years I have written to you as my representative. Every issue I care about you have the opposing position. I am tired of feeling that my voice doesn’t matter to you.

I am actively looking for any individual that may run against you in the next election. I am looking for someone that cares about the issues that I care about. Someone that will not ignore the voice of the “little people” like me. I am looking for someone with a vision larger than a campaign contribution.

So I thank you so very much for your reply and I look forward to the next election.


A concerned American that now realizes that I need to get people like you out of Congress because you don’t care about me, my family, my interests, the health of American public land or the health of the planet.


AND THEN MOST IMPORTANTLY.. go out and find the people in your area that will run against this political machine.

There is an election in 2018. We CAN vote in a Congress that hears you… but you have to talk to them and help them get elected.


Our wild things and wild places need US to care enough to get involved

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