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Owyhee Roundup Update, 11/13

Note: Updates are being posted by me, aWHE board member, Cathy Ceci. Today I decided to add the note Laura Leigh sent me above her “update.” A lot of our followers like to listen to Laura. WHE is going to do a “listen live” from the range through online conferencing this week! Laura will chat with us and show us video and pictures from the first half of the Owyhee roundup. If you would like to get on the list, email WHEadvocates@gmail.com for information.

Laura Leigh at dawn perched in her window observing captured Owyhee horses in holding

These days are getting long, been here almost two weeks working out issues and access. I apologize for the fast “slap together” of pictures. I still have not downloaded the camera with the video. I’ve gotta get some sleep, two weeks of 5 hours a night is making me cranky. Our new attorney is a doll, btw. Working things out.

Owyhee 11/13


After meeting BLM at 3:45 we drove to the trap location. We arrived at the trap at a bit after 7 am. Cooler today and it did not really warm up on the hillside much.

Wild horses were being driven longer distances today as the ones in the immediate area were captured yesterday. Drives were longer and a bit more fatigue was seen in the horses.

owyhee111316_001-1-2At one point the COR (apparently) approved a trailer to head to the trap during a drive. The Judas was also not in place. I am not sure if that contributed to the difficulty getting the band in. It was driven back and forth across the valley, a lot of pressure was used and a lone horse broke off. The chopper went off in pursuit. When they tried to drive that horse in… it broke free of the trap (I was asking they “give me one” and just let him go. Guess someone was listening even if it wasn’t BLM).


He heads right at the jute


None of the others followed him as he made his break

Tomorrow is likely the last day of capture on the Elko side. After being here since the 3rd, we have access. We will see how things go on the Winnemucca side.

Totals to date: 657 (as of yesterday) with about 70 today. 11 released 4 deaths.

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Return to Freedom contributed to this day of observation. Thank you!
This beautiful baby will be transported to PVC (Palomino Valley Center) and prepared for adoption. We know he has at least one blue eye!
owyhee111316_001-1-6We will edit video and publish on the move from Elko to Winnemucca this week! Our Main website: http://WildHorseEducation.org

Baby and his family during capture

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