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Advisory Board Recommends KILLING “sale” wild horses in holding! If you think “sale” horses are old or sick, think again. They represent the vast majority of horses in holding (nearly 44,000 of them). Read here to learn the difference between sale and adoption. https://wildhorseeducation.org/three-strikes-adoption-and-sale-authority/

WHE warned that stopping efforts to get temporary fertility control that is safe and sane was going to lead to a push for surgery and slaughter (the push for BLM to use fertility control is over a decade old). WHE told you that the push to stop surgical spaying was going to lead to a push to KILL wild horses (BLM withdrew from the surgical spaying “research” in Oregon, good news!).

Yesterday during Laura Leigh’s presentation to the Advisory Board working group she asked them if they could tell her how many horses in the state of Nevada are receiving ongoing fertility control? The board members either shrugged or said 50? 400? Leigh answered “Zero.”

The Board does not even understand what it does not understand. We might write an extensive article perhaps entitled “Lies and Dirty Little Secrets” and expose the inept manner in which any issue is addressed by all sides? Fictions get repeated so often they are treated as fact. We are very frustrated… very frustrated. WHE is frontline on the ground. If you claim to be looking for a truth why don’t you check your sources? Frustrations will be addressed another day.

Claiming to be a “big picture person,” as you ignore reality on the ground. essentially is such a cop out and simply lazy. It also shows extraordinary disrespect for those people dedicating their blood, sweat and tears in the trenches, not a sitting at a tablecloth.

TODAY that ineptness, stupidity and an environment of fear on the ground has lead to the Advisory Board making a recommendation to euthanize our wild horses that are in holding facilities. 

This is a time to send your opinion. That opportunity does not arise often. This is OPINION time.

Tell them what you think! This is your chance. UNLOAD. 


WHE will amend this article later tonight and include some additional comments and notations.


Most often a flood of comments is not appropriate, it is now. LET THEM HEAR YOU ROAR!!!!


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