Video Conger/Frisco

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Looking at the location of “Judas horse” as they enter trap, what should be the “hand off” from air to ground crew to put pressure on horses. Day 2 we saw this NOT happen with tragic results.

Wild Horse Education (WHE) has multiple tasks “on the table.” We have just edited our video from the Conger/Frisco roundup that ended July 13.

You can read the final stats on the Bureau of Land Management page HERE

You can read some of our reports by accessing them through this link:

370 wild horses were captured with 4 deaths. The 4 deaths occurred during the first 4 days of operation. 2 broken necks at the trap, one at holding and a foal was euthanized after getting kicked in the head by an agitated adult during sorting and loading.

We are awaiting release date for the horses slated for release, tracking.

Our video is below. Our work that was a critical juncture in gaining the first humane handling policy in history continues as we work to amend that policy. We told you it was not perfect but existed for the first time since the Act to protect wild horses and manage them humanely was passed more than 40 years ago. (some of that fight can be seen here

There is a lot of work to do in order to see our wild ones protected and managed fairly and humanely on the range. Yes, this is a long video but roundups are long days.

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