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Steppin’ Out, Fast Update on NV Wild Horses (slideshow)

We are working with the state of Nevada on a district by district, site by site, attempt to create a conversation that can bring proactive management to the wild horse and burro program, the range. Appropriate on range management is the core issue that when handled appropriately  should address the symptoms of the broken program; overcrowded warehousing, failing adoptions and a fast deteriorating political environment.

One of our “conversations” includes a red stud that is really fun to watch. When he is around the others are a bit more alert. I have been watching him for several weeks now and have never seen him actually engage in a fight. He runs at the other studs in what I can only call “playing chicken.” Full speed he runs until the other stud moves out of his way, then it’s over.

We hope you enjoy the slideshow. We are working on projects in NV and have begun to assist others in expanding the conversation into other districts and states.

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