Hanging WHE Founder in Reno, bring the kids


WHE founder Laura Leigh sitting for portrait earlier this week

Hanging Leigh in Reno this August, bring the kids

(RENO) This week Wild Horse Education founder Laura Leigh was honored to sit for a portrait by the Portrait Society of Nevada, associated with the Nevada Historical Society.

Leigh received an invitation to sit for a portrait that will be included in an exhibit at the Nevada Historical Society late this summer. Leigh was chosen to be included in the exhibit based on her work chronicling Nevada’s public land and championing wild horse herds.

Recently the Las Vegas Review Journal featured Leigh in a bio piece that drew a controversial reaction, just as Leigh’s work sits at the crosshairs of controversy. Her work often finds itself in extremes, sometimes as an adversary of government policy, resorting to litigation, or as a partner with the federal government creating management tools.

“I was very surprised when I received the request,” said Leigh “I was told that there are many admirers to the work itself and that my tenacity has gained respect in places I could not even imagine. I was told the spirit of Nevada is that of a survivor, smart and tough, and that ‘it fits.’ I spend so much time isolated in my work. It is a real honor to be included and is a real boost to the spirit knowing that the work has it’s place in the history of this state that I love so much.” (to learn about some of the work of WHE click HERE)

Portrait artists completed preliminary work at the sitting this week. The final portraits, and perhaps several paintings of wild horses, will be included in the exhibit.


Final painting can be viewed onsite at the NV Historical Society in August

Exhibit details:

The exhibit will showcase portraits of local historians and supporters of the Nevada Historical Society. Portraits painted by the Portrait Society. Exhibit runs August 5th thru October 1, 2016

The Society invites you to a free reception event at the Society.

Friday, August 5th, 2016 from 5:00-7:00pm

There will be refreshments and free admission to the galleries.

Nevada Historical Society
1650 North Virginia Street
Reno, NV 89503


Additional information on the show will be released by WHE in July. WHE will hold an informational discussion on wild horses and burro management in NV prior to the reception. Time and venue will be announced in July.

More details about the show and the discussion will be released as they develop. If you subscribe to this website or follow us on social media, you will receive the update.

WHE is running with multiple projects, articles and discussions to continue to work toward fair and equitable management on the range and continuing our work on humane care. We will update you soon. Have a great weekend!

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Out with some our NV wild horses this week

WHE has been speaking to students of all ages. Last year we were invited to address school children in Reno and speak on college campuses. https://wildhorseeducation.org/2015/12/04/spreading-the-message/

Big year ahead.


Speaking to grade school children in Reno, 2015

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